For the last 3 years, Destiny 2 has been my thing. I love the gunplay, I love the world design and I absolutely adore the lore (Thanks Byf!).

I have spent a lot of time in this game. Recently, my brother got me an old Xbox One to also play the first Destiny, and it is awesome as well. I actually think some of the design aspects are even better than Destiny 2, but I still suck at console shooters, so there’s some frustration while playing that game.

Having finally convinced enough friends to give it a try, I am now also slowly getting most of the raids in the game done.


I do have a Twitch channel where I stream once in a blue moon. I’d like to get into it more often, but it is very time consuming. Time that I honestly don’t really have.

Heroes Of The Storm

I like Heroes Of The Storm. Like, a lot. It’s the first game where I really got into the esports scene and wanted to improve my gameplay to a more advanced level. Watching streams and tutorials, practicing mechanics, learning strategy, all that jazz.

The logical conclusion of course was to start a amateur team to play with. And so my team 5 For Silver in Heroes Lounge came to fruition. It is by far one of the most fun and intense gaming experience I’ve ever had. While I did all the captain work from Season 2 until Season 7, for Season 8 I decided to pass my duties of to someone else in our team, as I was getting tired of them.

Of course, with Blizzards ridiculous mismanagement of the game and especially its esports scene, my enthusiasm was pretty much killed over night. Sad times.