A list of CDs I own. Very WIP, there’s loads of these things lying around.

I’m actually not sure if I really want to continue expanding this, since it’s way easier to use an external cataloguing system. Check out my RateYourMusic account for that.


  • When The World Becomes Undone by A Pale Horse Named Death

  • The Atlantic by Evergrey

  • Garden Of Storms by In Mourning

  • Heart Like A Grave by Insomnium

  • When A Shadow Is Force Into The Light by Swallow The Sun

  • Resist by Within Temptation


  • Hunter Gatherer by Avatar

  • Waves by Dawn Of Solace

  • Lamb Of God by Lamb Of God

  • Ghost Of Orion by My Dying Bride

  • Ordinary Man by Ozzy Osbourne